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bishop and seeker
The Bishop and The Seeker:
Wrestling for the Soul of the 21st Century

by Teri Murphy and Bishop Phil Thomas
Intermedia: 360 pgs

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An intelligent joyride from cover to cover.
Will inspire you, no matter which 'side'
you're on.



Husband's manual cover
The Husband's Manual:
A Guide for Husbands
and Men Trying Out for the Part

by Andy and Teri Murphy
Cherrydale Books: 125 pgs

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Bring It On cover
Bring it On:
A Total Man's Guide to Christian Living

by Bishop Phillop O Thomas
Cherrydale Books
Coming this fall!


Special Package Offers!!

The Bishop and the SeekerThe Seeker plus Husbands Manual
The Husband's Manual

both just $25.95
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Rain Tree The Rain Tree
Spritual Mystery on a Bahamian Island
by Andy Murphy
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The Bishop and the Seeker is also available at these charming retailers:
California: Lyon Books, Chico
Virginia: Notebooks, Floyd

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