The Bishop and the Seeker: Wrestling for the Soul of the 21st Century

Bishop and Seeker video

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Ten Things You Can Do
to Help Promote the Book

  1. Tell friends to buy it from not Amazon (amazon takes 70%).
  2. Bring seeker friends to a book discussion on Wednesdays in September from 7-8pm at Robert Frost Middle School in Fairfax.
  3. Read the book and tell how it affects you in a comment on the book's blog
  4. Facebook about how the book affects YOU
  5. Become a Fan of the book's Facebook page
  6. Take this survey about your responses to the book. This will help us shape the discussion series and future marketing.
  7. Carry the book around with you, letting people see the cover.
  8. Talk it up, especially in any groups you belong to.
  9. Hand out postcards for the book available at all events.
  10. Pray that the book reaches just the people who can help us use it to bring all closer to God and help heal a hurting world.