The Bishop and the Seeker: Wrestling for the Soul of the 21st Century

Bishop and Seeker video


Nov 18, Friends of Grady Poulard Salon,
Washington DC, 6-8pm

Fall: Embracing Evangelicals,
Celebration Center for Spiritual Living,
Falls Church, VA

Sept series,
Telling Seekers the Truth about the Bible,
Highview Christian Fellowship,
Fairfax, VA, 7-8 pm

Aug 17, Ken Wilber Meetup, Part 2
Washington, DC,

Aug 1, Abraham & Arisotle Salon, Arlington VA, 6-8:30pm

July 20, Ken Wilber Meetup, Part 1
Washington, DC,

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Facebook"An Intelligent Joy Ride!"


Powerful! I can't think of anything else like it.
This book will inspire you —no matter which ‘side’ you’re on.
Brian McLaren, bestselling author,
“A Generous Orthodoxy”

Music heard down the block drew “New Ager” Teri Murphy to a Black church where she tells the pastor, Bishop Phil Thomas, that his “plan of salvation” sounds more like the “plan of an insecure person without much imagination.” But instead of taking offense, Bishop Thomas engaged Teri in a two-year dialogue on religion, politics, psychology, and sex while she lived behind the scenes at his church.

Calling on everyone from Buddha to C.S. Lewis, their story offers a ring-side seat to an extraordinary head-and-heart encounter. Together they discover a ray of hope for a world drawn to showdowns between those who take their holy books literally and those who do not. The truce—and then friendship—they evolved can light a way for us all and bring us each closer to our own spiritual home.

A personal and spiritual tour de force. I learned something in every chapter, and it often made me laugh out loud with joy.
Amy Roth, Emmy-winning journalist,
formerly of the U.S. Embassy to the Vatican


Reads like a mystery novel. A courageous attempt to cross lines and see into depths that are rarely explored. This searingly candid dialogue will sharpen minds as it softens hearts across the spectrum of beliefs.

Laurie Bolster, PhD, Educator


Was I offended? Yes. Did I laugh? Oh yes! Especially when they took the bishop to that New Age movie. I am a dyed-in-the-wool Christian, and Bishop Thomas is my ideal pastor; I would LOVE to meet both him and Teri.
Lindsey Antle, Parker, CO

Wow. Couldn't put the book down last night
until I finished it. Very engrossing, very easy to read, very thoughtful—even though I disagree with almost everything you say about ‘New Age’ and ‘New Thought.’

Kay Pentecost, RScP, New Thought Practitioner,
Religious Science

Important and Profound. From my time in Iraq I can tell you that in many parts of the world, the only way to peace will be bridging efforts like this across ideologies.
Carol Haave, former U.S. Deputy Assist. Secretary of Defense for Counterintelligence and Security

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